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Types of Yoga

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Type of Yoga

What is Hatha yoga?

Hatha yoga is a famous limb of yoga. Though many Yogis relate it to the practice of doing and maintaining sustained postures but Hatha Yoga is more than this. Hatha Yoga is an ancient science of practicing yoga when yogis used to practice this for days together to raise the level of their consciousness and stay in optimum health. In Yoga Upanishad (ancient texts) the meaning of Hatha is to bring the balance in the physical and the mental body.Hatha is not only about the physicality of yoga but also about the mind and spirit. Hatha name is a combination of 2 words meaning Sun and Moon. It is the interaction in these 2 forces that is from Sun and Moon which make us live .The whole science of Hatha yoga comprises of purificatory techniques called Neti ,Basti,dhauti,Nauli,Kapalbhati.Satika, Asanas (Postures),Pranayama,Bandhas and Mudras. This made Hatha yoga a complete science of Yoga to raise and awaken the chakras(Energy Flow) and to bring balance between the 2 forces.

Another meaning of Hatha is tenacity or ability to bring a change in the body. By practicing Hatha yoga on a regular basis we can bring a positive change in our body by aligning our mind body and spirit. If a person wants to live a physical life full of energy, enthusiasm, contentment, happiness and wisdom then Hatha becomes an important aspect in his life.