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International Dinner - India With Dr Shailly Rishi

India - With Dr. Shailly Rishi and her family
5:30-6:15 pm, Social, 
6:15-7:15 pm, Lecture, 
7:15-9:00 pm, Dinner, 

Join Dr. Rishi as she shares with you her life experiences of rich Indian culture, poetry, her close-knit social upbringing, historical forts, palaces and traditional holistic healing system. She will also share her travel experiences to the Himalayas and other parts of India and present a short Indian dance sequence.


Dr. Shailly Rishi was born and raised in the city of Patiala, situated in the northern part of India, at the foothills of Himalayas. Patiala is the capital and abode of the King of the PEPSU state. This walled city has history spanning thousands of years - full of forts, King’s palaces, a modern hub of rich Punjabi culture and the center of education.  She grew up with in a big extended family consisting of her parents, 4 siblings and families of 5 other uncles all living under one roof in a big house. Her upbringing in this tight family center helped her and her siblings to become national-level athletes and physicians in India.


Dr. Shailly Rishi has been a resident of Wausau for 12 years. Prior to living in the United States, she worked as the Chief of Medical Staff in a well-known hospital in India. Her husband, Dr. Daljeet Rishi, is a physician at the Aspirus Wausau Hospital. Dr. Rishi’s son Vasu Rishi and nephew Maghav Sharma are also following their footsteps into becoming physicians to better serve our community. Shailly has now started a yoga and Ayurveda center based on ancient, Indian and holistic science. 

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Bring awareness and let it go.

Bring awareness and let it go.

It is not difficult at all to take charge of your health and happiness. You have been created with all the tools within and around you to keep you healthy. You just don’t know how to use them and instead, by creating stress and anxiety you are running from one place to the other without knowing where you are going. It is a never ending process. Your body keeps on telling you if it is in stress or if it is at ease. You are running when you feel stressed and you are running even when at ease. Running is not the solution to your problems. You need to sit down and learn these tools and how to use them and live with any fear.

You just need to bring awareness.