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About us

Dr. Shailly Rishi, a physician and scientist from India, is a certified yoga instructor focused on healing and strengthening mind, body and spirit to better face our day-to-day challenges and more fully enjoy life as a whole. Since childhood, Shailly has practiced yoga as a part of her daily life. Her medical training introduced her to the scientific concepts behind yoga postures and techniques and she became motivated to share this knowledge with others.

While physical exercises keep the body healthy and fit, Yoga not only provides physical exercise, but also uplifts the person as a whole. Even the most successful people can feel miserable due to emotional, physical and mental stress. Shailly strives to bring happiness, love, and satisfaction through the practice of Yoga and Meditation, by:

• Promoting awareness of one’s existence

• Achieving oneness through the union of mind, body and spirit

• Experiencing emotional freedom … a path to happiness